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Old Print Machine
Fingerprinting with Ink

It wasn't too long ago that taking fingerprints was a messy business. It involved rolling your fingers in ink and then rolling them on to a fingerprint form. The slightest wrong move and the prints would be smudged, meaning you would have to start all over again.

Well, not anymore. With new technology comes a much cleaner way of taking prints. It's as easy as pressing your fingers on a glass plate.

Fingerprints are also taken for much more than just criminal activity. These days, fingerprints are taken more frequently for employment, volunteer positions, child safety, as well as other purposes.

Need your prints taken?

If you need your fingerprints taken for employment or volunteer purposes, we are able to do this for residents of Gananoque. If you live outside the gates of Gananoque, you would have to attend the Thousand Islands Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police, located on Reynolds Road, just beside the Rapid valley Restaurant in Lansdowne.

Fingerprints are done by appointment only. Appointments are available from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.
To book an appointment and confirm fees, please contact Carole Steacy at 613-382-4509.

Gananoque Police Service
340 Herbert Street
Gananoque, Ontario
613-382-4422 or 613-382-4509
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